Just the Tonic Comedy Club - Live Club Event - Pilot Scheme

This event contain digital content (live streaming or video on demand)

Ed Byrne, Daisy Earl, Scott Bennett and Quincy

This event is one of 2 live comedy events taking place in the UK that are pilots to test the feasibility of future live events and the safety.

We will be streaming the event, as well as it being a public indoors event.

All people attending the live event will be required to follow specific government guidelines, and allow us to take contact details for track and trace. If you are not happy to comply with this, please do not buy a ticket for the live event, just watch online.

We will be doing everything we can to confirm to all safety measures including social distancing. The venue is fully ventilated, performers are being asked to wear visors, and customers are being asked to wear face masks. We will implementing proceedures to maximise the safety of bar staff, performers and you, the public. 

That is the official bit over. 

Obviously, capacity is going to be reduced. We will be selling tickets in groups of 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. People will be given reserved seating, you will be required to take the seats allocated. Any refusal or non co-operative behaviour will result in the group being refused permission ,or asked to leave.

We are running this event to show the government that indoors events can be produced safely, so we are asking everyone to co operate.

We are also selling tickets for this as a live broadcast, and they are at a very low cost. This is being done to help cover the costs of the limited capacity venue, and it is also a test for our indoors streaming service

Metronome is equipped with 5 x 4K cameras. We are able to live mix the event as it is happening. As such. we have no editorial control over what is said by the comedians of the public. There will, more than likely be rude stuff, some swearing and probably a few subjects close to the knuckle. This is not theatre, it is live comedy.



Any people attending the indoors event will have to agree to abide by all safety standards as laid out above, and that wil lbe emailed to the group leader before the event, including providing us with details of all the members of the party. Online viewing... there wil lbe rude stuff, this is live stand up, we are all adults and we swear because it is big and clever!


Online event: We are getting to grips with a new load of technological stuff. Despite our best efforts in advance, things might go wrong. Just bear with us on the day. We will be doing our best. I write this as we are selling it as a pilot