Just the Tonic Comedy Club - Working From Home - Ep 8. 5th September

Det här evenemanget innehåller digitalt innehåll (livestreaming eller video on demand)

This event, at time of writing, is still being booked. We have booked Milton Jones and Piff The Magic Dragon. Other guests are being confirmed. It is hosted by Darrell Martin (that's me). Either just take a punt or come back later and see who we've booked. Do not expect straight stand up! This is all new to everyone. The show itself will be from 9pm, but you can log in around 8.30pm for a specially selected playlist, pre show type music type of thing!



We suspect that swear words and subjects unsuitable to the younger ears will be talked about. So, if you do not want to have to have any awkward conversations with children or sensitive people, keep them away. This is not a BBC type event. A lot of it will be live so we have no control. Please do not attempt to record this event. If people start reproducing stuff, then we will not get the big names to take part.


We are getting to grips with a new load of technological stuff. Despite our best efforts in advance, things might go wrong. Just bear with us on the day. We will be doing our best. I write this as we are selling it as a pilot